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Brit Es Magazine is a place where contemporary British and Spanish culture are brought together through articles on design, art, photography, music, fashion and more. We are a magazine dedicated to promoting Spanish culture in the UK and interested in all of those Spanish artists who have developed professionally and creatively in the UK and who, having lived and worked in both countries, draw influences from and contribute to both cultures. We believe that there is a lot to say about Spanish talent based in the UK.

We are also interested in the connections betwen British and Spanish culture and we committed to promoting cooperation and understanding by highlighting the things we have in common and explaining the things that don't. We want to shatter stereotypes and bring to light our shared heritage.

We use the concept Brit Es to define the people, projects, trends and cultural offerings in the UK that have a Spanish quality or origin but are also influenced by and inseparable from British culture. In the same way, the concept Es Brit refers to Brits who are working in Spain or influenced by Spanish culture. And it would be impossible to give a name to all the many that lie somewhere in between: Brits researching Spanish culture in the UK, Spaniards who are anglophiles from afar, etc...

We are a group of friends, professionals from different disciplines, living mainly in London, Madrid and A Coruña, but we can be found all around the world. We work with a network of contributors that includes journalists, writers, designers, stylists, photographers, translators, communications and public relations professionals and people from the art world, all of whom have an interest in art and culture.


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